45 Signs you will make a great Freediving Instructor!

Welcome back to the FDHQ Blog 🙂 This one is for the Freedivers, thinking about going professional? We think you should go Nike and Just do it!!

45 signs you will make a great Freediving Instructor!

It’s a growth sector, its trending, its blowing up all over the world, its Freediving and its coming to a shoreline near you soon, if your hooked on your health and well being, love the gym or yoga, enjoy the outdoors or are just a flat out adventure junky then you have to get involved in Freediving!


Freediving Instructor Luna from Dalian in China

Most of us already know the thrills and adventure of the silent sport, and we all eventually come to the familiar crossroads of turning a passion into a profession, if you search you will find 1001 different points of view and advice out there in the career sector on this exact topic, the question is, should you open that Pandora’s box? Doe’s turning your hobby into work really complicate things? It’s a simple answer- Hell no!!! In fact its called “living the dream”, imagine waking up every day with fervent enthusiasm, no need for alarm clocks, you literally bounce out of bed and skip to work singing and whistling tunes in G-major, The decision is ultimately yours, and speaking from experience it’s an exciting industry with low stress factor and high rewards!

Freediving Instructor Marine, from France

Freediving Instructor Marine, from France

So what does it take to become a great Freediving Instructor?

The mission list is extensive! You may need to be a good communicator, an encyclopedia of information, an evaluator, a manager, a taskmaster, a psych counselor, a team member, a role-model a decision-maker, a surrogate personal coach & a shoulder to cry on, however onerous this may sound it is one of the most rewarding professions I have been involved in.

There is an x factor, something secret, something you don’t find anywhere else in any other activity, although getting a start in Freediving can be quite easy, mastering the art of Freediving requires a mindset, you cannot fluke it, it only comes easy to a luck few, mastery of Freediving takes a spellbinding determination and patience, and sometimes a whole lot of practice to acquire the skills needed for success, and these skills are special, ones that are often not taught in any other programs or courses for any sports.

Freediving Instructors Amber, Sdnei, Oscar, Megan, Sura, Fran, Alana, Adrian, Rochelle,

Freediving Instructors Amber, Sdnei, Oscar, Megan, Sura, Fran, Alana, Adrian, Rochelle in Vanuatu

I have always said that if you take a census and round up a test group of 1000 people at random anywhere in the world and ask them to Swim down to 30 mtrs on a single breath of air you may find a 100% failure rate, yet all other testing groups for tasks like swimming and outdoor survival, cold water submersion, blistering hot desserts, great heights, underwater helicopter escapes etc etc have a very high test group success rate, you see its because Freediving is special!!! It’s a remarkable Skill and passing on this knowledge to others can almost feel spiritual.

Many Enthusiastic Freedivers in Cebu

Many Enthusiastic Freedivers in Cebu

45 signs you will make a great Freediving Instructor!

You will need to-

  1. Be a teaching professional
  2. Be good at presentations
  3. Be good at explaining things
  4. Display in-depth subject knowledge
  5. Maintain professionalism at all times
  6. Enjoy people and enjoy life
  7. Have a good sense of humor
  8. Be positive & fair minded
  9. Know the materials by heart
  10. Display group control skills
  11. Be able to set expectations
  12. Manage time
  13. Have patience
  14. Have thick skin
  15. Have professional equipment
  16. Solve problems on the spot
  17. Recognize danger
  18. Display good judgment & duty of care
  19. Make good decisions
  20. Be a leader
  21. Be a waterman
  22. Be a facilitator
  23. Be a psychologist
  24. Be a mediator
  25. Be responsible
  26. Be respectful
  27. Be prepared
  28. Be a mentor
  29. Be accountable
  30. Have an emergency management plan
  31. Know advanced first aid
  32. Be a pleasure to be around
  33. Create fun and excitement
  34. Make people happy
  35. Help people to discover
  36. Learn from people
  37. Respond politely at all times
  38. Always be early
  39. Provide exceptional service
  40. Provide acknowledgement
  41. Provide satisfaction and enjoyment
  42. Provide consistency
  43. Provide an amazing experience for all
  44. Make it incredible fun for everyone
  45. Make it incredible fun for yourself
11 great Freediving Instructors sharing the passion globally

11 great Freediving Instructors sharing the passion globally

The list may seem long, but these are everyday characteristics of a true Freediving professional!

My personal advice is to go for it! Take the leap! The Freediving industry is finally emerging as a global phenomenon, there is new stand alone Freediving centers opening just about weekly, and they are usually in great places for adventure with tropical waters and exotic cultures, the opportunities are innumerable!

Mike Wells

Director of Leisure FDHQ Philippines

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