About FDHQ

FreediveHQ is exactly that! Headquarters for Freediving, here @ FDHQ we have EPIC deep clear warm water Freediving conditions in the best tropical location in the world, great culture and atmosphere & simply the best staff and Professional Freediving Instructor roster on the planet, if your not Freediving with us then you are missing out! 😉

We have the worlds only full tilt Freediving Resort experience in the Tropics, including cafe / restaurant / hotel / Transport / boats / Education / travel & Equipment sales, We are a 100% fully legitimate philippines Corporation, all Philippines business permits, work visas, insurance, health and safety codes are met, we employ 9 local Staff and believe in supporting the philippines and its amazing people as they have supported us with all the natural wonders of this great Country 🙂

The FDHQ Blog will provide a great resource for information about Freediving, Science and Social alike, we aim to entertain, We find the solutions so you do not have to waste time and energy, if its about Freediving we have the answers, our approach of Science and logic breaks down the myths and old school practices of Freediving, we take out all the filler and give you nothing but the thriller.

We do Freediving the right way, there are many pitfalls out in the Freediving world regarding Freediving training and practices, you want to do it right? then we have the word on the street, straight from our high Level Trainers brains, We look forward to all the Feedback, good and bad, we love Freediving as much as you do, we live and breathe it 24/7 365, we literally live waterside with 300 mtrs of Depth and we freediving everyday, come and join us, enjoy, have fun, smile and live the Freediving lifestyle of Adventure 🙂

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